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“Mitică Crăciunescu” Foundation

Dumitru Crăciunescu was one of the most generous philanthropists of our community. For 23 years, as a founder and manager of DIANA company, he never declined any of the thousands sponsorship requests that have been addressed to him. From book editing to medical needs, from team sports to places of worship, from TV shows and press articles to serious human diseases, nothing was missed out by generosity of the one who was Mitică Crăciunescu.

For 18 years he was one of the founders of the Rotary Club Râmnicu Vâlcea and contributed with his generosity to the Rotarian’s charity projects despite his lack of time. He was also one of the founders and sponsors of the Vaideeni Foundation, as a sign of gratitude to the people in the village where he was born.

Following our founder’s vision, we firmly believe that the great human and material values ​​must be placed at the foundation of this region and to the people who live here. Only in this way can we give more value to our common present and future.

Contributing with our expertise, our generosity and our time to the values ​​of the community we live in.

The main purpose of “Mitică Crăciunescu” Foundation is to carry on the vision and the mission of the one who inspired us during his short life. “Mitică Crăciunescu” Foundation aims to act in community with all with all goodwill. Just as in the past, the foundation is open to all human, cultural, social and institutional needs.

“Mitică Crăciunescu” Foundation contributed, during its initiation phase by providing with the special medical equipment the Emergency Hospital from Râmnicu Vâlcea, to projects carried on by other foundations and Rotary Club and contributed to the purchase of treasury of old coins with special value, made up of 179 silver coins more than 2,000 years old, which made it possible to preserve this cultural heritage at the Vâlcea County Museum.

Mitică Crăciunescu