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DIANA is a successful Romanian company that strengthens its competitive position on a demanding and ever changing market. DIANA Company was founded on April 30, 1991, and today it is in the top slaughterhouse in Romania, but also occupies an important place among the 100% Romanian meat producers.

DIANA’s mission is to provide consumers with quality products that are perfect for a dynamic lifestyle, which is why the company is in a continuous process of alignment with the innovations and trends of the meat industry.
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Processing capacity

Pig: 60 heads /hour


Beef: 30 heads /hour


Sheep: 50 heads /hour


Traning: 220 tons /week

DIANA`s Slaughterhouse

Traning Room of DIANA`s Slaughterhouse

Traning Room of DIANA`s Slaughterhouse

Refrigerations Tunnel for Pig Carcasses

Vacuum Area for Cured Meat

Filling Room for Cured Meat

Warehouse for Finite Products

Minced Meat Room



The 500 bovines have full grass fields for walking and are fed only with natural feed. We do everything with passion, and this is seen in the way we care for our animals!



With a varied range of products that covers all daily needs of consumers and a wide range of DIANA meat products, DIANA supermarket chain has now 54 stores in the following counties: Valcea, Gorj, Dolj, Arges and Olt.